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Oxford Partners

12 Ilesanmi Street, Isheri osun, Lagos, Nigeria
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Oxford Pertners

Categories : Real Estate

Ever wondered why properties are called real estate?

Normal normal, I suppose tell you the origin of the words, the definition, history of real estate etc…

But we no dey inside classroom na.

So lemme just give you the simple summary so you go understand Wella.

Landed property is refered to as real estate and Agriculture because it’s real. I mean, you can see it, you can touch it. You can describe to an absolute stranger where it is.

In short, it is something you can see with your “korokoro eyes”. There’s no go come in real estate and agriculture.

So if you are thinking of having a real asset, you want to invest your hard earned money, won’t you rather put it into something real?

Do you want to put your money into some imaginary investment which all you do is to track it online?

If you worked hard to earn your money, then you should be smart to invest in a real asset.

Oya let’s talk how you can start your journey in real estate investment.

For more details call or chat us on 080 3578 4351

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12 Ilesanmi Street, Isheri osun, Lagos, Nigeria

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