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Samuel Dada

12 Ayodele Ayeni Street Eyita, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria
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Mayoksal Enterprises

Categories : Food and Drinks

Mayoksal unripe plantain flour, is made from pure natural unripe plantain. dried, processed and packaged under hygienic condition.
processing and packaging it, ensures its long-term preservation and freshness without compromising its nutritional value.
it contains vital minerals and nutrients that are consistent with the health requirements of older people. easily digestible. highly recomended for diabetic patients. rich in vitamin c e.t.c

Mayoksal rice flour (also known as rice powder that is made from finely milled rice) is used to make rice poundo, noodles, cake,biscuits, cookies etc.
Our rice flour is gluten-free,
100% natural,
no additives or preservatives.
. Benefits of mayoksal rice flour:
is a great gluten-free option.
It is high in beneficial fibre and a good source of manganese.
Is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and may also enhance liver function.
It is very light and easy to digest.

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12 Ayodele Ayeni Street Eyita, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria

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